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Furniture production does not stand still, but keeps pace with technology.  Engineers come up with new models, design unique furniture.Production achieves high standards, quality characteristics.
The upholstery market is not lagging behind either.The choice of fabrics and their colors is amazing.   Most often in stores you can find chenille, jacquard, velor, flock.  Particularly popular is the new upholstery fabric that has been on everyone's lips for a long time - microfiber.
Microfiber is one of the novelties of upholstery fabrics.   Made from cotton or Teflon-impregnated polyester.  At the moment it is considered one of the most practical fabrics.  It is lightweight, durable, immune to the influence of external factors, calmly transfers moisture, various pollution.  Microfiber is easy to clean and affordable enough.
Jacquard is the exact opposite of microfiber.  The material is not cheap at all, but it can often be seen on armchairs, upholstered chairs.  It is made from natural or synthetic threads.  In addition to the usual jacquard, there is also a thermosacquard.  It differs from the usual way of drawing a picture.  This fabric is very sensitive and can only withstand dry cleaning.  In general, the fabric is durable and strong.   It looks sophisticated.  Jacquard is created especially for chic lovers.   Expensive and beautiful material that can create a favorable impression for any model.  This fabric has a textured structure, dense to the touch, strong and durable.  It is produced in several ways.  The first method makes it possible to make fabric with patterns using colored threads at the stage of creation.  Or it is created as a canvas of threads of the same color.  It is worth noting that jacquard is capricious in use, it is almost impossible to clean it from dirt.
Flock is the most popular upholstery fabric.   It is composed of polyester and cotton.   Flock is environmentally friendly, durable, wear-resistant, easy to clean.  The flock is protected from various contaminants by a special impregnation with which the fabric is processed.  Flock-upholstered furniture does not lose its appearance during 10 years of operation.  Quite an interesting material, it is made by applying a special artificial pile on a cotton, satin or twill base.  The pile is attached to the base with a special adhesive.  Flock is stain resistant and very soft.  It is a durable and lightweight material that comes in a variety of colors.  It is easy to use.
Velor is a fabric similar to velvet.  Often, velor is used for furniture of complex structures, since it has less elasticity.  Velor is produced from cotton and silk.  Distinguish between knitted, woolen, cotton velor.  Velor requires gentle care: vacuuming with a soft brush, water-based detergents.  Velor is ideal for lovers of softness and warmth.  Velor is also used in furniture production.  This is a natural material that has a small pile, but visually appears smooth.  Soft and delicate material.  It hardly wrinkles and is very pleasant to the touch.
Chenneel is an artificial fabric made from synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers.  This type is considered durable and strong due to the structure of the weaving of the threads.  Another advantage of Shannil is its safety for allergy sufferers and environmental friendliness.  Has a wide range of colors.  It does not absorb odors, however it is not suitable for wet cleaning.
Matting is used for the manufacture of furniture.   It is quite strong and durable, has a fleecy structure and is pleasant to the touch.  This is a natural fabric, therefore it is completely environmentally friendly and reliable to use.
Tapestry is a fabric that has been used for interior decoration for many years.  It is very heavy, made up of three layers tightly intertwined.  For its production, both natural and synthetic threads can be used.   Such material can be with a printed pattern or plain.  A strong and durable tapestry may not be suitable for an Art Nouveau interior.
Andria - this material is made of synthetic threads, has high strength and is easy to use.  It cleans well and creates a pleasant tactile sensation.
 These are some of the most popular upholstery fabrics.  Of course, their list does not end there, there are many subspecies of upholstery fabrics.
Main characteristics of upholstery fabrics
 With a constantly developing textile market, it would be surprising not to expand the assortment of furniture products using various furniture fabrics.
The currently available range of fabrics for the production of furniture is truly impressive: these are synthetic materials of increased strength, and natural fabrics of high quality.
It is very important for furniture manufacturers to purchase high-quality material and furniture and decorative fabrics, since the success of such an acquisition will affect both the production process and the rating positions of the company in the goods market.
When designing the production of any model of upholstered furniture, it is worth studying the characteristics of furniture fabrics.
 These include:
After the manufacturer decides on the purpose of the designed unit of production and selects the material corresponding to the characteristics, you can proceed directly to the production process itself.
It should be noted that there are different types of upholstery fabrics.  They usually differ in their structural parameters, reliability and durability of use.
All people are faced with buying new furniture.   When buying new furniture, many pay attention to its functionality, manufacturer and, of course, what fabric it is made of.
First of all, people want to know as much as possible about the quality of the product.  Do not underestimate the quality of the upholstery material, because the main component depends on it - how long the purchased furniture will last, how long it will retain its presentable appearance.
Microfiber is one of the newest and most popular fabric bases.  This is a furniture fabric used by furniture makers in many countries in the manufacture of coverings.
 Microfiber characteristic
Microfiber consists of thin polymer fiber, the diameter of which is no more than 0.06 microns.  This characteristic gave the name to this material.  To the touch and in appearance, microfiber resembles nubuck, it is similar to natural suede, but it costs much less.
 Microfiber is:
 Microfiber woven backing is mainly used in furniture production.  In this case, the fabric is impregnated with a special composition.
 Microfiber Features:
Hypoallergenic - the fabric is not harmful to health, because dust does not accumulate in it and microscopic parasites do not start.
Wear-resistant - does not fade, does not form clues, does not fade.
Decorative - the fabric has a wide range of colors.
Nice to the touch, the fabric is very soft, ideal for families with a small child.
Affordability - its cost does not exceed the economy class prices.
 For better operation, the material is treated with Teflon (repellent chemical composition).   After this treatment, the fabric has the ability to repel dust.  Sometimes natural fibers such as cotton are injected into microfiber, but more often it consists of polyester.
Advantages of microfiber upholstery fabric
 Microfiber is very practical to use.  The fabric is easy to clean, while the appearance of the furniture remains the same as when it was purchased.
Advantages of microfiber fabric:
Regardless of how the furniture is used, the fabric does not form "bald spots";
 The suede look makes microfiber very attractive to buyers;
Practicality, ease of cleaning, the fabric does not cause much trouble.  If the furniture covers are removable, they can be machine washed;
 The cost is available for any wallet.
 Of the shortcomings, many highlight its subtlety.  But this is not true.  Microfiber is superior to many fabrics in strength.  This has been proven experimentally.
The main caveat is that the fabric should not come into contact with hot appliances, but this problem can be solved by purchasing furniture covers.
Caring for microfiber furniture fabric is the main condition that it will last a long time and retain its appearance.   Microfiber should be vacuumed, wiped with a damp cloth and cleaned with a special soft bristle brush.
Reviews of people speak about the popularity of such furniture.  Most of the comments are positive.
Microfiber is an extremely comfortable fabric for the furniture industry.  Microfiber is unpretentious, practical and affordable.  There is no better fabric for upholstery.  Moreover, it easily competes with suede.   
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